Content Management and Delivery Platform

Textstem 9

Textstem9 provides a light-weight flexible system for managing content, creating custom content types and taxonomies to create content driven web applications. 


Textstem9 - Screenshot

Content Management Tools

There are many great Content Management Systems available, many of which strive to offer simple - no code / drag and drop page builders and similar to empower Site administrations with limited coding skills to manage their websites. These range from Squarespace and Wix with their simpler page builders, to the ever-popular Wordpress and the huge world of plugins and themes. What these solutions offer by way of simplicity (and often cost saving) is offset by their lack of flexibility.

Texstem is not a one-stop-solution. Rather, it is package to used to create a customised, purpose built content management system. Delivered as a Laravel 10 package, it is designed to be used when developing custom sites and applications with purpose built features such as event booking systems, ticketing integration, digital asset management systems and so on.

Some Features

Inline Variables

Unlock the power of inline variables to streamline and simplify the process of content creation, allowing you to seamlessly adapt your content to a variety of different formats and changing needs. By incorporating these variables into your workflow, you can automate the generation of content that caters specifically to the unique requirements of each format, saving you time and effort while ensuring your content remains consistently high-quality and relevant across a range of contexts.

Generative Text

Utilize the combination of inline variables and generative transition networks to craft your personalized generative transformers. By integrating inline variables and generative transition networks into your toolkit, you can design custom generative transformers that are finely tuned to your specific needs and objectives. This empowers you to take full control over the creative process, tailoring your models to generate content that aligns precisely with your unique requirements, resulting in more effective and customized output.

Integrate AI and ML into you content flow

Leverage your proprietary generative tools for crafting bespoke prompts to be sent to the ChatGPT API. By employing your custom generative tools, you can fashion prompts that are meticulously tailored to your specific use case and communication objectives. This approach not only allows for greater precision in directing the AI's responses but also enables you to achieve more targeted, effective, and context-aware interactions with the ChatGPT API.

Automate Taxonomy Creation

Say goodbye to the manual drudgery of taxonomy creation. Optimize your content organization with ChatGPT's automation capabilities. This AI-driven solution simplifies the creation of taxonomies, reducing manual efforts. It streamlines content classification, improving efficiency and accuracy. Explore the benefits of automated taxonomy creation with ChatGPT.