Looking Out MML's Front Door

A different view

A Brief Introduction to Mecca Medialight

Mecca Medialight has a long history working with government, corporate and cultural organisations, developing sites and tools in collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders. 


We are a small, agile and highly experienced organisation with a demonstrated skill and passion for our work. Founded in 1995, we have consulted and developed creative digital media for organisations such as National Gallery Victoria, Museum Victoria, Museums Australia (Victoria), Heide Museum, Immigration Museum, Melbourne International Film Festival and the Melbourne Arts Festival, Regional Arts Victoria, Country Arts SA, ACMI and the ABC, as well as educational and government institutions such as Melbourne University, La Trobe University, RMIT, City Of Port Phillip and the Victorian Government. We have also worked with a range of large and small businesses, including Mayne, BHP, Scope Australia, Netafim Australia, Australia Post and Energy Australia. 

User experience (UX) at the core of our design solutions

Since our inception, UX and design thinking has been at the core of work. We have worked with a range of organisations with widely differing methodologies and expectations. We have delivered a wide range of solutions, from kiosks to faceless applications, inventory and booking systems to high traffic public facing websites. We develop custom built sites, as well as use open source systems (Wordpress and Drupal). We have provided consulting services for developers looking to renew a major Shopping Centre (Melbourne Central) and large corporates looking to engage with their customers in new, creative ways. Rather than take a ‘one approach works for everything’ approach, we pride ourselves on designing the best - user focussed - solution for each unique opportunity. 

Building relationships

To achieve successful outcomes across all these organisations and projects, and sustain meaningful and productive relationships, we are firmly committed to providing full, transparent access to the development process as well as defined steps to monitor progress and provide input into all aspects of the project.

This approach has ensured strong, successful long term relationships with clients such as -  

  • TXU / TRUenergy / Energy Australia (17 years)
  • Melbourne International Film Festival (21 years)
  • Greek Film Festival / Greek Festival of Sydney (8 years)
  • University of Melbourne / Faculty of VCA-MCM (8 years)
  • Australia Children’s Television Foundation (8 years)
  • Country Arts SA (6 years)

We have active, ongoing maintenance arrangements with a range of clients - which involve monitoring and maintaining hosting and related services (backups, email lists, subdomains, etc) as well as assisting with content development and management.