Content management with soul

Textstem is a content management and delivery system. The latest version now installed as a Laravel package and featuring advanced features such as

  • Generative Text
  • Integrate AI and ML into you content flow
  • Automate Taxonomy Creation
  • Inline Variables

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The Creative Catalog

Asset management and catalog for practicing artists

The Creative Catalog aims to provide a cataloging system for practicing artists. This online database enables artists to create a record of their works, recording images and information such as year, media and size). The Creative Catalog is currently in closed Beta Status but we hope to open it up soon.

Awoogia - the music booking service

Awoogia - the music booking service - bringing together musicians, bands, venues and booking agents.

Job Manager

Task tracking we actually want to use

Project management systems is a pretty crowded space - with many large multinational companies offering a range of products, many of which we have used. Many of these products offer sophisticated tools for the overlapping needs of

  • Project Planning
  • Task Management
  • Resource Management:
  • Time Tracking:
  • Budgeting and Cost Management

We have tried many of these but have never found a tool that suited our needs. In our case, we look after several websites and apps and perform a mix or regular maintenance and ad-hoc updates. We wanted a quick and easy tool to

  1. Tracking work requests and task creation; and
  2. Generate invoices, or at least exportable fee reports

A key philosophy behind the tool is it must be quick to use with the least amount of barriers for busy (and occasionally stressed) time-poor people: The least amount of required fields as possible, intelligent sorting and predictable defaults.