The National Touring Selector (NTS)

The National Touring Selector (or NTS) offers an invaluable resource to find and scope Australian and New Zealand performing arts projects. Productions can be seen alongside all the information Presenters are looking for, from production photos and videos to budgets and technical information.

Built on top of our Textstem platform, the NTS is about helping creators and producers connect with presenters in all their forms: venues large and small, festivals, community presenters, arts councils. The NTS recognises that building relationships takes time and requires the flexibility to take place at any time throughout the year.  

The site is a membership based system with several unique features - including the online 'markets' enabling producers to pitch their shows and presenters to buy or support tour development.   It also offers a "Performing Arts Conference and Marketplace Management" solution that includes -

  • Interactive delegates list (you can message other delegates instantly).
  • Delegates can register, pay and book workshops on one site.
  • Detailed online interactive schedule.
  • Integrates with NTS Production Listings.
  • Delegates can make notes on shows and save shows to lists to help them remember what they saw when they return home.
  • Delegates can express interest in a show at the click of a button, while producers can see this information in real time.
  • Working with a platform that is dedicated to the Performing Arts Industry.



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The National Touring Selector (NTS)
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