Communicate & Interact

The focus of our work is to help our clients use the web and digital media to communicate and interact with their customers. Our solution for today's brand-weary and information overloaded marketplace is to help our clients build relationships, not websites.

We see every communication with customers, whether its an online sales device, bill payment and self-service facility or product information 'brochure', as an opportunity to reinforce positive brand values in a real, meaningful way.

We do this by building useable, useful applications that meets or exceeds users' expectations.

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MeccaMedialight is a Melbourne based new media consultancy and production company that offers a wide range of services in web, interactive, and multi-media for a diverse range of clients. With 18 years experience, the team at MeccaMedialight has developed a reputation for its innovative designs and reliable technical solutions.

Change Management

So your application is up and running….now what? We'll keep your content optimised through technology upgrades as they occur.

Digital Strategy

Can changes in technology lead to savings for your business? We’ll give you a roadmap that quantifies practical measures for growth…and won't cost a bomb.

Hosting Management

Let us show you the best home for your data. We have strong relationships with a range of providers and can manage your bandwidth and security needs.

eCommerce Strategy

Is it time to increase your online turnover? We’ll show you how a well built system combined with smart communication can convert visits to sales.

Content Management - Open Source

There are a range of great open source CMS products on the market. We can help you choose the open source solution that best fits your needs. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla to name a few.

User Experience Design

We understand the value of providing the best experience for your users. Wireframe testing and analysis are core elements of our design process.

Responsive Design

Whether it's destination is phone, tablet, desktops or touchscreens the development work we do for you all shares a commont element - great responsive design.

Digital Communication Strategy

Are you getting maximum reach with your target audience? Using Social Media and Email we can show you how to engage your audience for growth.

Content Management - TextStem

Our bespoke CMS, Text Stem is a powerhouse of functionality and has been built with the users definitely on side.

Visual Design

Responsive design and great visual desgn go hand in hand. Let us ensure that your content looks good – from phone to tablet to desktop.

Business System Integration

New sites can sometimes require a change in process at your end. We'll work with you to identify those dependencies and ensure smooth integration.

Information Design

We’ll show you how to structure your content in a way that makes sense both to you AND your users.


Whether its generated from your phone, your users phones, or from a high end production we can show you how to make video work seamlessly online.


We love audio. Let us guide you through the range of codecs available and provide you with the solution that best suits your audio and your users.


We're expert in the creation of display for touchscreens

Natural Language Generation

Artificial Characters, chat-bots, and virtual personaes have applications in entertainment, e-commerce, and customer relationship management.

Online Ticketing

So you've got your ticketing system sorted - talk to us about seamless integration with your front end. There's no need to compromise your branding.






Want great looking email with a backend that lets you get to know your users? We can point you to the best tools and create templates that will keep your customers wanting more.